Jiffy Bow Maker is easy to use and simple in design.
With this bow maker you can make three or more types of bows.
Types of bows that can be produced are the florist (or floral),
starburst and the pompom (or puffy) bow. Experienced bow makers
can produce twice as many bows made with this bow maker as opposed
to making a bow by hand. Silk and satin bows are made easier with
this bow maker because the ribbon stays in place. Two or more
ribbons can be used with the bow maker to make a festive bow when
using different colors and/or types of ribbon.  
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Jiffy Bow Maker
Milbridge ME
Create Hair Bows for:
Cheerleading, School,
Dance, Ballet,
Babies, Children,
Dogs, Cats & Horses.
Create Bows for:
Crafts, Florals,
Holidays, Christmas,
Wreaths & Trees.
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